Friday, November 28, 2008

Practice What You Preach!!

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

“Practice what you preach” has now become a hackneyed expression in contemporary Liberia, yea the world. But the actual connotation of this phrase came to life on Friday, November 6, 2008 when the four youthful co-hosts of the “Let’s Talk About Sex” Radio show (Janice Pratt, Mahmud Johnson, Kula Fofana, and Bookman Muapoe) turned out at the Monrovia YMCA/ Merlin youth drop-in center to get tested for HIV/AIDS.

Within less than fifteen minutes, each person's result was out. Are you curious about their results? IT IS PRIVATE!!! But, honestly, it is painless.

The phobia of getting tested for HIV amongst Liberian youths is one that is alarming. Many misconceptions exist about the authenticity of the HIV test amongst young people, with some arguing that if a strand of another infection or disease exists in one’s body, it would warrant a positive test. This is wrong, and countless medical and health practitioners have said so.It is important for one to know his/her HIV status, because early diagnosis creates the opportunity for an HIV positive person to start early treatment, and change his/her risky behaviors that could expose him/her more to the HIV virus.

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