Thursday, February 5, 2009

BDOTC Comes Live with LTAS!

Friday, January 30, 2009 was another day of fun and experience sharing for the LTAS hosts, as they were the official guests at the General Assembly of the Business and Domestic Occupational Training Center (BDOTC) along the ELWA Road. At the Center, the Hosts talked to the audience about the show, and got a lot of good responses. They also performed role-plays along with the participants on issues of HIV/AIDS transmission, condom use, and abortion.
The hosts used the time to talk to the audience, which also consisted of older women, on the importance of sex education between parents and children. As the hosts left the premises, it was evident that they had indeed made an impact, as the attendees of the program could not stop congratulating them and asking about the show. A riot was almost caused when the hosts began to distribute their HIV prevention brochures.

The center is a vocational training institute sponsored by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, which trains young women in areas of pastry, hotel management, tailoring, computer science, et al.

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